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Electric actuators and valve automation designs lead our drive as we focus on the products of tomorrow

Now entering our seventh decade, DynaQuip Controls Inc. continues its long standing commitment to designing and manufacturing superior products and providing outstanding personal service. Electric actuators and valve automation designs lead our drive as we focus on the products of tomorrow.

Our products and services reflect the highest standards at DynaQuip, in which design, development, manufacturing and time-tested performance are of the utmost importance. We continue to focus design and development in the area of innovative valve automation and control products that meet or exceed the most demanding needs and expectations of our valued industrial, commercial and residential customers worldwide.

DynaQuip's historical expertise has always been rooted in the design, development and manufacture of durable flow control and fluid connector products for fluid power applications. Today however, our product lines and design expertise have grown to include electric actuators, electronic actuator controls, automated ball valves, automated butterfly valves, pneumatic actuators, manual ball valves and butterfly valves.

With our vision and goals focused on the development of quality ideas and innovative control products, and backed by our caring and personalized DynaQuip service, we are honored to serve the needs of our customers and end users in the manufacturing, oil and gas transmission, food and beverage, fluid power, OEM, semiconductor, light industrial, residential, and commercial markets.

Never losing sight of the need for safety, energy conservation, environmental protection and personal service, we promise to provide for and protect what came before us and what must remain after us. At DynaQuip we look forward to serving you and we believe that... You simply get more when you choose DynaQuip.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to satisfy the individual needs and demands of our industrial, commercial and residential customers by providing innovative and solutions oriented valve and fluid control products.

Our Mission is achieved through the continuous application of creative ideas, open communications, proven design and manufacturing methodology, and exemplary levels of personalized service and support.

Our Company strives to empower our people to continuously generate quality ideas that lead to products, processes, and services that we believe offer lasting tangible benefits.

Our Business will be conducted with manners that are; socially conscious and responsible, earn respect for our integrity and ethics, and provide clear long-term value to all those we are fortunate to serve.



About Triad Process EquipmentControl Valves

Triad Process Equipment is a ball valve manufacturer that has been established since 1990. The company is a nation-wide ball valve supplier, based in Milford, Michigan. Whether you are a large valve distributor or a company looking to place a small order, Triad Process will meet your needs.

Certified ISO 9001:2008 Ball Valve Manufacturer

Triad's products are manufactured and certified to ISO 9001:2008. Most all Triad products are registered for the use in Canada and have received Canadian Registration Numbers under this authority.  Please contact Triad Process for additional details.

We serve all types of industries, supplying fire-safe, LNG, cryogenics, industrial, petro-chemical, automotive, and sanitary ball valves. Our sanitary ball valves are shipped and bagged free of silicones and contaminate, and they are assembled dry without the use of lubricants. BASF and DuPont have both tested our sanitary valves for cleanliness and suitability for use on paint systems and found them void of contaminant. In addition to steel ball valves, we supply the series 700 butterfly valve.



Excellence in Pneumatics

Hafner-Pneumatik is the manufacturer of a complete range of high-quality pneumatic control valves made in Europe.

Our products are not only used in the general automation or the machine-building industries, but also in applications throughout the car, truck and process industries. Our customers enjoy the use of our valves because of their outstanding reliability offered at an extraordinary price/value ratio.

Our product line consists of solenoid valves, air pilot, manually and mechanically actuated valves, completed by pneumatic control systems. Our wide range of standard products covering sizes from M 5 to G 3/4″ is designed as a modular system, giving us the ability to develop and manufacture customer specific solutions in smaller numbers.

As a highly flexible company, we rapidly assimilate technical innovations which allows us to react quickly to the demands of an ever changing market.

Hafner-Pneumatik stands for over 30 years of knowledge and venture in the development of pneumatics. Manufacturing excellence, flexibility and customer responsiveness are the dominating elements of our corporate strategy.

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